Andrea Tognella

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The proven organisational talent

Andrea rarely allows unfinished tasks to build up, as she efficiently and reliably sets to work when there is something that needs done. She has been familiar with all of the tricks and tools of the travel business for years, and puts them to elegant and slick use. Her practical travel experience all around the world is as versatile as you would expect. However, it is abundantly clear where her heart lies: South America! The Spanish language, the cheery Latino mentality and not least numerous friendships connect Andrea to this continent. In her dreams, Chile is "the place" where she lives in a house with extensive land, spending time with her animals and growing her own vegetables.


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Andrea Tognella

Travel Agent

Falknerstrasse 4
4001 Basel

+41 61 269 86 86

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Antarctica, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, Fiji Islands, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Kenya, Laos, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland (eSwatini), Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam