Franca Zinser

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The dedicated planner

After five years working for an international business trip provider, Franca decided it was «time for something new». The friendly Shaffhausen native is delighted that she can now delve into the incentive and events market with Business Travel Zürich: «I love flicking through itineries of trips that I would love to take part in myself». When she does travel herself, Franca heads for locations with vast natural spectacles. Like on Hawaii's «Big Island», where «lava streams flow into the sea». She is also impressed by the friendly and laid back attitude of the Hawaiians. The «Aloha» experienced there is something that she now and then attempts to introduce to her everyday life at home - with her time filled by her valued dedication to her gymnastics club, alongside her job.


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Franca Zinser

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8001 Zürich

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