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Employee and customer retention down to a tee

With perfectly organised and adventurous incentive trips, in a setting away from everyday work life, you can show the utmost appreciation to your employees and customers. Globetrotter Business Travel is your ideal partner when it comes to the planning and implementation of unique incentive trips, which are guaranteed to be unforgettable for all those involved. Our travel specialists know the world, and know which destinations, offers and attractions will wuit shich requirements.

Creativity and attention to detail.
A sailing trip through the Mediterranean, a visit to huge factories in Asia, camel trekking in the Sahara or an icebreaker voyage through the Polar Sea - organising incentive trips requires creativity and attention to detail. These are precisely the challenges that motivate us to put together sustainable and, most importantly, exciting programmes for your staff and customers.

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Choose the most suitable service option for your needs

As a customer of Globetrotter Business Travel, you can choose from three attractive booking and/or billing models. Each of the three models caters for very different needs at fair conditions.


Our tailor-made, comprehensive service for companies with a high rebooking frequency. We offer all relevant additional services at no extra charge.


Our streamlined service to meet the needs of companies with a low rebooking frequency. You pay transparent net prices for clearly defined services.


Our do-it-yourself offer for all business travellers and companies that do not seek personal advice. In this model, temporary reservations are not possible.